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Get your FREE ebook copy of Calling Clarissa for Mothers Day.

Grab your copy for ZERO $$$ this weekend to celebrate all you warrior mums/moms out there.

“Don’t be jealous of the boobies,” Clarissa told Becky with a smirk. “Men only love big boobs because they swing well, clap, and give them a round of applause while doing the deed.”

“Calling Clarissa, the best of British Comedy with the spice of Fifty Shades.”

Clarissa Darcy didn’t think life could get any worse.

A single Mum of two young boys, with a cheating narcissist for an ex-husband who never helps. Thank goodness she has her two best friends, Becky and Hayley, and an open mind.

Stuck in a customer service job she hates, a sleazy boss, and outrageous childcare costs, Clarissa doesn’t have two pennies to rub together until Hayley suggests a new way to earn a living.

🎉Now available with Kindle Unlimited. 🎉

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