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Book One of the Earth’s Angels Trilogy

A mother’s love will save her family.

Her determination will save humanity.

Her power will save the universe.

Melanie had everything. Four wonderful children. A loving husband. A good life. Until Earth died.

Mel remembers none of it. Not even the apocalypse. Five years later, Mel wakes up in an otherworldly room and learns that angelic beings are using her body as part of their plan to save Earth.

Thrust into a world of ancient races and alien wars, Mel soon yearns to join the battle over Earth. But that means putting her husband and children in danger.

A forty-something housewife must discover her courage, power, and destiny if she hopes to rescue Earth from the evil alien invaders determined to destroy everything and everyone she loves.

A timely story about the power of family and the consequences of upsetting a badass mom.

"Intriguing and amazingly imaginative, Earth's Angels is a book that will appeal to both younger as well as a more mature audience." The Book Dragon on Earth's Angels.

"With this unique concept, this book can turn into something big, I must say. I’m absolutely looking forward to what’s next after this story." The Book Estuary on Earth's Angels.

“This sci-fi fantasy reads like a love letter to the planet Earth, being focussed on environmental issues and our fatal misuse of resources.” Author Caroline Noe on Earth’s Angels.

“An intriguing tale of magic and angels after the world turns to poison.” Author Lyndsay Whitlock on Earth’s Angels.

“Loved this story! It was beautifully written. It caught my attention straight on and held me in its grasp. I can't wait to start book 2!” Author Darlene Kuncytes on Earth’s Angels.

“Beth's content-driven read will stick you to the Earth's Angels, leaving you seeking to know more about the aftermath in the next instrument, The Marilians.” The Book Info on Earth’s Angels.

"Beautiful description and excellent premise." Author SA Krishnan on Earth's Angels.

Adult version and YA editions are available.

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Her determination will save humanity.

Her power will save the universe.

Melanie is shocked to discover her unborn baby has wings and extraordinary powers. But that doesn’t stop her from joining the fight against the blood-thirsty Marilians.

When they discover a Marilian scout hiding near the human’s quarters, Mel realizes the invasion is imminent.  This means all the surviving humans must train and prepare for battle.  Including her husband and four children.  But there’s no choice if they hope to stop the alien invasion.

As the angels and human survivors train for the battle of a lifetime, Mel wonders about the child growing inside her, a child like no other in the universe. Amid their hectic preparations, friendships build between not only survivors but also humans and angels. Unconventional love forms between races while facing a tragic loss. However, there is no time to grieve.

Meanwhile, Earth’s angels make their own plans when they summon both their elders and an ancient alien race of dragons to help defend Earth.

Angels, dragons, and humans fight for Earth and the survival of humankind in a war where aliens control fire, and their bite or scratch transforms any lifeform into one of them.



”I must say this book is very timely, relevant, beautiful, gripping, astonishing and just the story that I need for me to go back to reading more on the fantasy genre. I’m giving this book my 5-star rating for all the emotions, the beautiful scenes, the ending that I never expected, and the new world that it opens to my imagination time and again. Definitely, I will be reading the last book of this series as I will not miss being part of this story of the alien angels and human survivors.” The Book Estuary on The Marilians.

“Great Book. I loved getting to know the characters and seeing how they overcame this exciting journey. I look forward to the next book.” Author Lyndsay Whitlock on The Marilians.

“It's a celebration of supernatural and folklore that will keep you yearning for more. Beth Worsdell will set your world on fire with her latest exciting addition to the Earth's Angels Trilogy Series. With her ceaseless efforts to entice her readers: she will set your heart ablaze, blending your imagination with a spark of folklore and science fiction.” The Book Info on The Marilians.


Adult version and YA versions available.

Buy your ebook or paperback copy here Now.

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This isn’t a revenge battle, it’s a universal intervention.

Melanie, her family, and the other humans must flee Earth if they want to survive.

Devastated by the battle with the Marilians, they find comfort in the newborn child who will forever change the course of the human race. Yet not even the miracle child is enough for them to overcome their anger at the Marilians for leaving them homeless and planetless.

The Marilians must be stopped. They are the scourge upon the universe.

Fleeing to the Earth’s Angel's world, they meet the rest of the ancient dragons and set up a base. Together they form a plan, that will end the Marilians’ reign of terror, but saving the universe won’t be easy!

Mel, her family, and close friends visit amazing new worlds, enlisting the help of other alien races, decimated by the Marilians. Finding them all too eager to join in the fight.

There is only one way they can hope to win. Taking the fight to the Marilians on their homeworld. Except the Marilians have been busy…

Discover new worlds, the power of family, and the cost of upsetting a badass mother. 

“Igniting the flames of desire and anticipation, Worsdell made us hold our breaths for the ultimate finale, the showdown for the Earth's Angels trilogy series. In this heart-stopping read that would satiate you throughout its 24 chapters, its fast-paced, smooth storyline was capable of accelerating your adrenalin to complete this read in two sittings.” The Book Info on Destination Unknown.

The Earth’s Angels Trilogy has given me quite a ride. I already said this after reading The Earth’s Angels Book 1 and I will say it again, this story by Beth Worsdell can turn into something big, may it be in print or in other media adaptation like in a movie and I’m happy to be a part of it at this early stage. I absolutely love this series and I highly recommend it. It surely deserves my 5-star rating and a place on my top favorites." The Book Estuary on Destination Unknown.

“A wonderful trilogy. I loved watching as humans traveled to amazing worlds, reuniting captured aliens with their own kind as they searched for a new home after earth was overtaken. I loved how the author tied in earth’s history and species with alien races, mixing them in throughout our timeline.” Author Lyndsay Whitlock on Destination Uknown.

Adult version and YA editions available.

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