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Calling Clarissa by Beth Worsdell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What do you say about a book that keeps on giving?

And when I say giving, do I really mean punishing? Wait, what?

But seriously, I thoroughly enjoyed the comedic acrobats Beth took us on throughout the pages of this masterpiece. I was left in stitches multiple times and found myself wanting to sit in the room with these best friends, sipping wine, eating chocolate, and listening in on Clarissa’s conversations over the phone chat line.

One thing I did not expect and was pleasantly pleased with was the deep parts of the book that let us look into her life and what she had been through.

I won’t give any spoilers, but beneath the surface of the laughs, this bubbling, simmering storyline was entirely unexpected and grabbed hold of you until the very last page. This book is lighthearted yet deeper than what is beneath the covers, and I absolutely loved it.

Looking for laughs and kink but not anything that will drip off the page? This is your book. You can sink your teeth into this stuff, but it won’t break off the veneers.

Bravo, Beth, you have found your stride and cracked your whip. Everyone should read this book because the fifth shade of grey has met its match for those who wanted something light and airy, yet leaving your mind to more of the imagination instead of on the screen showing what happens in this world.

Can’t wait to read more of Beth’s work. She’s quickly become my new favorite author of all time.


Calling Clarissa
by Beth Worsdell
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My Rating: 5 STARS.


Clarissa and her friends had me in stitches, so this was a fun story to read.


Their bond is totally #friendgoals and I loved everything about them. When we meet Clarissa, she’s a struggling single mom of two boys. Her ex is a total deadbeat who can’t even be bothered to wish his own son happy birthday. She works a boring office job with the world’s skeeviest manager sexually harassing her all day, every day, and she does it for a pittance. Desperate for a way to increase her income, Clarissa is intrigued when her friend tells her about a job with a phone sex chat line.

She’s a tad uncomfortable at first but she’s very popular with the customers and the calls are quite entertainment, so she decides to give it a try. With a little research and attention to detail, Clarissa starts making good money, enough that she gets to knee her pervy boss in the jewels and walk out for good. Her luck seems to be improving every day and she soon meets a handsome man with stars in his eyes.

Tobi is sweet, sexy and he wants to take care of her and her boys. It’s practically a fairy tale, except that the pervy ex-boss is a total psycho and he’s hellbent on making Clarissa pay for exposing him. This book has a little steam, some suspense and a lot of heart. I really enjoyed these characters and had a lot of fun with their story. The author is new to me, but I already want more. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Earth's Angels, Adult version.

The story is fast-moving, and I had a real affinity with the characters.”


Considering this is the work of a first-time author, I was amazed at the clarity and detail of the world she envisions and weaves onto the pages of a book. Beth starts off with the very real prospect of our future world, damaged beyond the point of repair, and takes us on a journey of pure fantasy gold

Click on the above link to read the full review by Dave Inwood.

Earth's Angels, Adult version.

I really enjoyed reading this story. While I can’t speak for whether or not an ancient alien race would come and rescue us if the end were here, the problems that led up to what happens were entirely plausible and very real. I could very easily see what happened to the Earth in this tale happening here as well. It may not be too late for us to fix a lot of the problems that nearly destroyed the planet in this story, but it will take a lot of effort from humanity to even begin to reduce the damage already done. the story is fast-moving, and I had a real affinity with the characters.”

This was also the first book in a new series. It was well-written and very entertaining. I am glad that I had the chance to read it, and I will be watching for book 2 in the series when it becomes available. 

Click on the above link to read the full review by Mom Kat Reads


The Marilians, Adult version.

 As they continued to save the Earth from nearly being destroyed by humanity, you would think that things would start to calm down, at least a little bit. Unfortunately, a race of beings known as the Marilians have decided to attack the Earth and make it their own. Their usual pattern involves invading and taking over other planets, draining them of all life and resources, then moving on to start again with yet another planet. Neither the humans nor the Angels currently on Earth approve of this behavior and are determined to work together to stop the Marilians this time and save Earth once and for all.

If you enjoyed reading book 1 in this series, you really won’t want to miss reading this one, and I expect that we will all be waiting impatiently for book 3 in the series to be released.

Click on the above link to read the full review by Mom Kat Reads

Emma's Word Company

The Marilians, Adult version.

– Do you like reading a book that makes you think how you could be kinder to our Earth? 
– Do you enjoy reading about a kind alien race, wanting nothing more than to save Earth, and be kind to all humans? 
– Do you like reading about a loving alien race that want nothing more than to replenish Earth and make it the wonderful place that it once was? 
– Do you enjoy reading about survival, family, love, aliens, and ancient history? 
– Do you love baby animals, some mystery and the threat of danger?

If yes, this is the book for you.

I give it five stars!

Book rescourse-Lit guide.

Earth's Angels, adult version.


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Series: The Earth's Angels Trilogy, Book 1

Amazon Link: Click Here


The last news update: the government notifies that an ice age is coming. The earth is dying and evolving. So, even if we didn't die of starvation or diseases, we are all going to freeze to death. Nothing we do can save us from the freezing temperatures, or the amount of ice and snow that was going to hit the planet.


I didn't remember any of this when I woke up, however...




Have you ever question about the ending of our human race? About our earth dying? Our carelessness toward our nature and our animals? Well, Beth Worsdell entangles us in a unique world where she shows the "ifs" and the "possibilities" of our world coming to a close.

Earth's Angels is the first installment of the Earth's Angels Trilogy Series, which has two versions: The Young-Adult and The Adult version. The difference between these versions is that the Adult version carries a descriptive detail on the sexual encounters among the characters. As a Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction Romance which consists of 22 chapters, you can leaf through these 324 pages with ease and deep intrigue.

Written from the first-person's perspective, Beth's eloquent hand defines a style best suited to a young-adult crowd. The narrative structure carries a smooth flow, fast-pace with a perfect visualization. In the first-ten chapters you may find the content repetitive and overly express, but take note that it gradually improves in the follow-up chapters. Beth expresses human emotions and passion vividly by closely giving life to her beloved characters. Anyone would be happy to notice the gracious advice given on how everyone can contribute to being an Earth Angel.

Click on the above link to read the full review. 

The Marilians, Adult version.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars
Series: Earth's Angels, Book 2

Amazon Link: Click Here


Look at her! I can't believe my eyes: look at my baby, how beautiful she is! In general, fathers always concerned over the guy their daughter brings home, but in my case, it's different. I can see my James beaming with pride, looking at his baby girl dress in white: my heart flowing with happiness. Oh! I do look forward to live to see more joyful days like this. I found a great friend within Christik and the angels. Their support is a great strength, but I can't help worry over the future. The threat from The Marilians are real, just as the way our people and our friends, the angels, working together to defeat them. But a huge question dangles in front of me, what does the future hold for us?


Beth Worsdell will set your world on fire with her latest exciting addition to the Earth's Angels Trilogy Series. With her ceaseless efforts to entice her readers: she will set your heart ablaze, blending your imagination with a spark of folklore and science fiction, post-apocalyptic, romance. In these 23 chapters, you can leaf through the motions played by her pivotal characters. Recognize as the first author to release versions in Adult and Young-Adult: it's evident that Beth imprints her ambitious and bewitching nature to her plot-driven paragon. If you are looking forward to a read that will engulf you with surprising mysticism, driving sensations, and a new beginning, then Beth's eloquent writing will stand to voice itself to you. 


Clocking in this 321-pager, you can notice a positive drive with a traditional good versus bad, or as critics put it the glorious battle between the heaven versus the hell. Using this classic approach, she doubles the happiness of any reader who's familiar with her work. Voicing from a first-person, this fast-pace, adrenaline driving read consists of different phases making you move along with the protagonist, Mel. Creating a world that brings forth a woman's unyielding strength, she's the "chosen one" that paves the way to carve a new world with her supporting characters. 

Click on the above link to read the full review. 

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