About Beth Worsdell 


          Beth Worsdell is an English author, who now resides in California with her husband and three of her four children.

          From a young age, Beth would always write poetry for herself, friends and family. Never knowing that she would eventually write sci-fi fantasy fiction novels. Beth has always been a big sci-fi fantasy fan, beginning with Star Trek when she was young.


          Beth and her husband Ian have been happily married for over 20 years, spending most of their married life in Portsmouth England.


         When Beth and her husband had the opportunity to move to America in 2011, they jumped at the chance.

          After five wonderful years of living in South Carolina, Beth had a weird dream which wouldn’t leave her thoughts. So after moving to California and two more years of the dream popping into her head, she decided to write it down. One chapter led to another and Beth suddenly realized that she was writing a Novel. Before long ‘Earth’s Angels’ was created, a novel full of action, adventure, humor, love, and magic.

       Beth Worsdell’s debut book has a completely original concept. Earth’s Angels is NOT a religious book in any way, but rather it delves into the mystery of ancient aliens and our ancient ancestors.

       She would tell you herself, that her story wrote itself, she only held the pen.

       Beth has released adult and young adult editions of Earth's Angels, The Marilians, and Destination Unknown on Amazon, which is book three in the ‘Earth’s Angels Trilogy.’ She wants to enable adults and their teens to read together and have some to talk about. 

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