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About Beth Worsdell 


Beth Worsdell is an English science fiction, fantasy, and women's comedy fiction author. The first to publish sci-fi fantasy books in adult and YA editions. giving readers the choice between books with naughty bits and language or without.  

Beth Writes about badass women. Strong female characters who will do whatever it takes to protect their families, friends, and humanity. 

Founder-Host of The Witty Writers Show live from her Facebook author page and Youtube channel. She interviews other authors, book bloggers, reviewers, and publishing professionals of all genres. Join in to ask questions and have fun with Beth and her guests. Available to watch here or live on Youtube, LinkedIn, and Facebook. You can also listen to The Witty Writers Show podcast via Spotify, Anchor FM, Google podcasts, and more. 

Beth Worsdell published novels in adult and YA editions to help and encourage adults and teens to keep reading together. 

Beth Worsdell and her husband have been happily married for over 28 years, spending most of their married life in Portsmouth, England. When Beth and her husband had the opportunity to move to America in 2011, they jumped at the chance.

​After five wonderful years of living in South Carolina, Beth had a weird dream which wouldn't leave her thoughts. So after moving to California and two more years of the dream popping into her thoughts, she decided to write it down. One chapter led to another, and Beth suddenly realized that she was writing a Novel. Before long, Earth's Angels was created, a novel full of badass women, action & adventure, humor, love, and magic. 

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