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Writers & authors, find out what your followers and reader want.

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

If you have started to build your following, CONGRATULATIONS!!

We all know that finding your audience is tough, but hopefully, I have given you some tips and advice on our Write Better Author Smarter Facebook group that have helped.

Now, you have to find out what your followers/readers want!

This isn't as daunting as people think.

I have one word for you...Analytics.

Analytics is basically information accumulated by each website, whether it's a selling platform, social media site, search engine, or personal website. All data is collected and this is to your advantage.

Google Analytics is fantastic and can usually be attached to your website, and most social platforms offer you analytics of your pages.

This valuable information allows you to see what has had the most engagement, shares, likes and what was popular. Giving you an insight into what posts and information works and what doesn't.

So, guess what? Do MORE of what people LIKE!!! Because you will then get MORE engagement, shares, and likes, which will boost your popularity on those sites, which gains you more exposure.

Guess which accounts get more free promotion from sites? YES, you've got it, the accounts with the most engagement!!!

Let us know what you discover!!

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