Oooops I did it again lol

As some of you know already from my social media, I’ve broken another ankle lol.

A huge thank you for all the kind and thoughtful messages and comments, you are all truly wonderful.

Its the second broken ankle in less than a year and both time I was wearing flat shoes lol.

Luckily, I kept everything from last time, so I’m armed with my air boot, crutches and wheelchair.

I’d like to say a special think you to my future son in law, Albert and my youngest daughter, for rushing me to the emergency room. They were amazing! My hubby and kids have been fantastic!!

Hopefully, I’ll be hobbling on my crutches, baring weight, in time to celebrate my 25 year wedding anniversary next month.

in the meantime angels, thank you all so much for spreading the word about my books. I appreciate you all more than you know!!!

Beth xxx

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