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I’m officially a TikTok’er

I have to be honest, my angels. I have no clue what I’m doing, lol; however, I’m giving it a go!

I will be sharing teasers for The Witty Writers Show author interviews, plus book teasers and funny stuff.

So, follow me so that I can follow You! I would love to see your TikToks, especially if they are funny. As you know, I love a good giggle.

Ps, Don't forget to subscribe and click notify on my YouTube channel. You can watch and re-watch all of The Witty Writers Show episodes.

So many authors and so many laughs!

If you would like me to interview one of your favorite authors, shoot them a message and suggest they DM me via one of my platforms or website.

Are you wondering what I'm up too at the moment?

Well, I am currently writing book four of a fantasy series for children. Hooray! They are tales of Jinx, who's a magical Christmas spirit, and she has many adventures.

These stories will be suitable for older children of around seven years old and upwards. Plus, they will be enjoyed by younger children, when reading to them.

(I have to say that my adult test readers can't wait to read the whole series lol)

Currently, I am handmaking her magical wings, as I'm hoping to creature all my own illustrations for the series. So, wish me luck!!

Beth x

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