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Happy New Year Angels.

A massive Happy New year to all my angels and a big welcome to all our new members and subscribers too. I truly hope you all had a fab Christmas and a great time bringing in the new year. 2019 was quite a roller coaster for me, receiving amazing book reviews for Earth's Angels book one and releasing The Marilians book two. The wonderful book reviews for both books certainly kept me motivated when I broke my ankle and foot in September that's for sure.

I was hoping that during my recovery from my broken ankle/foot that I'd be able to get stuck into book three of my Earth's Angels Trilogy "A New World", unfortunately its hard to concentrate on writing when you're in so much pain and discomfort. However, I'm now back on my feet and have started physiotherapy which is going really well. Plus, I'm now writing chapter 10 of A New World.

Thank you to all who have read my books and left Amazon book reviews. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with me and other book worms.

The recent interview I did with Jedlie for the Reading with your kids podcast is now live, so I hope you all get chance to listen to it and hopefully share it with your friends.

Please keep sharing my books, posts and giveaway promotions as your help and support makes a massive difference and I honestly couldn't do it all without you.

I wish you all an amazing 2020 and I can't wait to see what this new year has install for us all.

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