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Don't miss The Witty Writers Show.

It's been a busy year so far already, with lots happening. I've already interviewed many authors so far, and I hope you've been enjoying them. My author guest's have included, author Valerie Keogh, author Jeri Westerson, author Josephine Wrightson and author Pandora.

Don't worry if you have missed some of my live author interviews as you can still watch them on my Facebook author page and my youtube channel.

Like my author page and click the notification button to get a reminder for my next show this coming Monday, with erotic, historical fiction author, Autumn Bardot. It's going to be a blast!

You can also view my events page to find my list of upcoming interviews.

If you would like your favourite author to be a guest on The Witty Writers Show, shoot them a message and invite them to contact me.

I know many of you are having a tough time right now, which is why I am determined to keep doing the author interviews, to make you smile and laugh.

A big shout out to my show's top fans, author Josephine Wrightson, Kristen Cervantez, Theodore LaCross, Bernetta Rivers, book blogger Lee Anna Dunk, author Leslie Rush, Tee Timeout, Lin Griffin and author Marcie Keithley, Thank you for watching, joining in and supporting me and The Witty Writers Show.

Beth x

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