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Broken ankle & foot 😢

My apologies for not being as active recently angels. I recently broke the bottom of my fibula (in my ankle) and the 5th metatarsal in my foot, while trying to get away from a wasp lol.

Ridiculous I know!

While trying to escape the wasp (I’m allergic to them), I turned quickly and while my body moved one way, my foot stayed still. I knew I’d broken something because I heard and felt it.

Hence, I’ve been on very strong painkillers and I’m now in a wheelchair while it all heals. It’s been nearly 4 weeks now and my next set of x-rays will be taken in the first week of November.

The silver lining, is that I’m hoping to finish book three of the Earth’s Angels Trilogy before Christmas.

A huge thank you to all my social media angels for your messages and beautiful get well wishes. xx

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