Domestic Goddess To Kinky Minx

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Clarissa Darcy didn't think life could get any worse. A single mum of two young boys, with an arsehole for an ex-husband who never helps.


Thank god she has her two best friends, Becky and Hayley, and an open mind. 


Stuck in a customer service job she hates, a pervert boss, and outrageous child care costs, Clarissa doesn't have two pennies to rub together, until Hayley suggests a new way to earn a living, phone sex chat lines. 


Shock turns to empowerment when Clarissa unexpectedly finds her niche. Not only does she earn good money in her new job, but she also finds her lost confidence, her female sexual power, and a renewed lust for life. 


What she also doesn't expect, is to bump into a hot and sexy nerd who wants her to become his Dominatrix. 


Who knew that a domestic goddess could find happiness dominating powerful men and that so many men had freaky and funny fetishes? 


Clarissa certainly didn't. 

What readers are saying...

A. Newby "Just finished your book and absolutely loved it! Great characters and lots of laugh-out-loud moments that had me wondering if you ever spoke to a Harold or tool guy. I used to love penguins but not sure I will look at one the same way again. Well Done!

L. Rypel "I LOVED IT! Having the besties go through it with her was hilarious!" 

T. Johnson "I can't tell you the last time I've enjoyed a book so much! I have A.D.D and it's hard for me to find books that hold my interest. You definitely do and I look forward to reading your other books. I really enjoyed it! Your writing is amazing. i couldn't put your book down."

C. Robinson "It was awesome! So much fun! I liked that it was fun, had some serious stuff, and a steamy romance! The phone call scenes were hilarious lol. I also like the original spin that you had the guy as the submissive instead of another alpha make lol!"

J. Sparks "I absolutely loved your book. I think it's amazing.