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It's the D'aire, dark fantasy, release party for author Josephine Wrightson. Hooray

Are you looking for your next dark fantasy read? Then you're in luck, as author Josephine Wrightson has a new action-packed and spicy book releasing on the 30th of March.

Join us live on The Witty Writers Show as we celebrate Josephine Wrightson's book release, and if you would like to be an ARC/Beta reader and you have a live and active Amazon & Goodreads account, shoot Josephine Wrightson a message via her FB author page.

Live time & date: April 4th, 1pm PDT

Live links:

HERE is the blurb.

Would you want a better life? Evie did. Her life, body, and soul were hanging by a thread. Nothing had turned out as she had imagined when she was younger.

When a stranger, who she quickly dismissed as a crackpot, asked her if she wanted more from her life? It all changed.

What started off well and like a dream soon changed, and the nightmare began.

Yet, before the good comes the bad. Where her life would go now was anyone's guess.

Fated mates ripped apart before they even met. Could both survive to fulfill the Goddess's wish?

In a land of folklore, fairy tales, and magic, could they survive? Would both have the power of the gods to get them through? Because their journey would be alone.

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