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Horror and psychological thriller author Jim Ody live on The Witty Writers Show tomorrow.

Do you love psychological thrillers? Then don't miss Beth's interview with Author, Jim Ody, tomorrow, live at 2pm PST.

We will be chatting about Jim's new releases, 'Little Miss Evil', 'The Crazy Season' and 'Tales From A Coffee Pot'. Plus, what makes Jim tick as an author.

Jim's Bio:

Jim spent 10 years writing music reviews and interviewing bands for a rock music website. He also contributed lifestyle and comedic features and poems to a number of websites.

Jim writes mostly Psychological/Thrillers that often end with his trademark twist! He doesn't believe in being restrained by genres and looks to blur the lines between them.

He has had twelve novels and well over a dozen short stories published, and re-published by Question Mark Press, Hambrook Press, Wolfgang Press, Limitless Publishing, and Bloodhound Books.

Obsessed with writing, Jim has releases planned throughout 2021 and 2022. These include the novels 'The Crazy Season', the anthology 'Tales From A Coffee Pot', and a YA Horror. Also, look out for some collaborations too...


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