Book One of the Earth’s Angels Trilogy
By Beth Worsdell
Chapter 1



We should have known someone or something would step in and save our planet. Who could blame anyone for trying to save the planet we’d been steadily destroying for centuries! Let's face it; we couldn’t possibly be the only inhabitants of a planet in the whole universe. Especially when you consider how much evidence there was of ancient aliens and proof of UFOs being seen, not only recently, but in ancient historical records. 

We had tried to change our ways; we really did. However, our farmers had already poisoned our soil with pesticides for decades; and purely for profit. Our oceans had been overfished by commercial fishing companies all over the world, and nearly all whales were already close to extinction. Our oceans were being constantly diluted and poisoned from oil and huge amounts of plastic, and it wasn't just all the oil rigs and tankers in our seas that were causing the pollution. It was also the amount of human waste that was being pumped into our waters.

Governments around the world tried to stop the ocean pollution from the big waste companies, but let's be honest, they couldn’t be watched constantly. These companies would try and save or make their money any way they could. They didn’t care what effect their actions had on our race or our planet; they only cared about their bottom line profits and their shareholders. 

Society was just as much to blame, with our overuse of plastics and our throwaway culture. Plastic waste was constantly washing up onto shores all over the world, washing up on once beautiful beaches, as well as killing whales, turtles and other marine life. 

We had destroyed so much land to build new towns and cities; as well as extending the current ones. There were so few forests and jungles left compared to centuries ago. 

We were constantly destroying natural habitats, forcing animals to scavenge for food any way they could. More and more wild animals were having to make their way into the cities to try and find whatever food they could. 

Then we had the audacity to complain about it!

 We'd also become a throwaway race, and nothing was made to last any more, unlike when my grandparents were young. Only some of us tried to use vintage things from a better time, buying household items from antique shops and thrift stores. 

Then out of the blue; everything began to change. All governments around the world suddenly started taking everything seriously for a change. Finally, they were prosecuting companies for not following their new strict guidelines for emissions and waste. They started taxing them heavily if they didn’t use green energy. Some companies were even shut down when they didn’t become environmentally friendly. 

Soon, most companies and homes were powered by solar energy, wind turbines, hydropower, geothermal and bioenergy. Massive changes were happening at last, all over the world. 

Money was no longer important or an issue for our world governments. They were practically giving away solar panels, wind turbines and hydropower units to anyone willing to use them. 

Where once most people couldn't afford green energy,  it was now easy and cheap to have a green energy efficient home thanks to government-sponsored commercials and programs. We were one of the first in our neighborhood to make the new changes, jumping at the chance to be green, and we were happy to do so.  

The majority of us knew something big was going on. It was just so strange how governments and world leaders all started to take global warming so seriously. It was a total reversal of a global attitude.

Things began to change rapidly, with organic food being grown with natural peat moss and compost being sold in all food shops. Pesticides were being banned all over the world at long last. Action groups were popping up everywhere; actually supporting our governments, forcing companies to change to biodegradable everything. From all bottles being made from recycled glass to shopping bags and all paper being made of hemp. 

Most people were actively trying to do their bit too such as making their own compost with kitchen waste, minimizing water usage and trying to grow their own fruits and vegetables in their gardens or allotments. Fruit trees were being planted in public areas such as parks, library grounds and schools.

We all felt that we were finally making all the changes to repair the damage we'd done; None of us realized at first, that it was too little too late.

Because we had abused our planet for so long; our Earth was a disaster waiting to happen. Our planet was so over-populated; it was just too late to reverse the damage we’d already done. Even though we’d tried to change our ways, we didn’t seem to be making any difference whatsoever. 

Our ice caps were beginning to melt at an alarming rate, and temperatures were drastically rising all over the Earth. Hurricanes were hitting countries one after another; some of them were even classified as super hurricanes. 

Places where storms were common were now having to cope with horrendous lightning strikes causing horrific wildfires. It seemed as though all weather was becoming extreme across the world.

 On top of all the extreme weather, permafrost was thawing, releasing long time buried diseases such as Anthrax and unknown diseases never before encountered by mankind. These diseases were killing wildlife and people, spreading through our streams and rivers.

As far as I know, the end of our planet first started with the oceans. There was a supertanker that had leaked oil, just in the perfect place to change our ocean currents. This was before we all knew that our Earth was already going through irreversible changes. We had no real idea what was going on. 

The tanker had an explosion on board, leaking its oil right where the warm water met the cold, and because the warm water and the cold couldn’t mix anymore, it started a chain reaction, and so our oceans began to die.

The coral started to die first, leaving no living habitat for so many marine life, and then the seaweed and marine flora died off. The microscopic organisms that fed off the ocean flora and coral died. The shrimp, krill and other mollusks died off too as their food sources vanished. Next were the fish, dolphins, whales and then lastly the sharks.   

After a while,  marine life eventually stopped being eaten by other marine life and so the oceans were full of dead fish and mammals. Some were floating and rotting on top of the water, while larger sea life such as the blue whales rotted on the ocean floor. At first, the seabirds fed off the dead rotting fish floating in the seas, but all too soon, those carcasses were poisonous as well. 

We began to see photographs and videos over the social media and the news stations, showing all the dead birds, fish and sea mammals and hearing people's theories. So, we all realized that the situation was getting extremely critical. 

Then all at once, our world leaders and governments leapt into action, using every possible resource and every scientist they could find from all over the world. Leaders from every country addressed their nations to tell us what was happening to our planet. They couldn’t hide anything from us any longer. 

Every day on the news, we learned of yet another animal extinction, and it was heartbreaking. Scientists around the globe were desperately collecting and freezing eggs, semen and DNA samples from every species they could before it was too late. Other scientists were trying to figure out how to reverse the damage to our oceans while removing the dead sea life and the death sludge left behind.   

So many people stepped up to help the scientists as much as they could. Fisherman and many people who just happened to own a boat helped to retrieve dead animals and capture whatever live sea life they could, collecting samples. DNA collecting kits were sent to anyone who was willing to help; provided by all governments around the world. Huge storage facilities and laboratories were also created to cope with the growing need. For once, all our governments were working together for the common good. 

We were, however, powerless to stop the chain reaction that had begun. When all our governments gave yet another public address, informing us that the rivers and streams were going the same way as our oceans, we knew it was the beginning of the end. Our governments were beginning to prepare us for the mass extinction that was approaching. We were all finally having to come to terms with our dire fate. 

We had taken our four kids out of school months ago. We didn’t see the point in making them go anymore when it was no longer of benefit, especially as so many teachers were no longer turning up for work. Not that we could blame them. 

We had both stopped going to work too, deciding to spend as much time with our kids as possible. Neither of us had jobs that affected anyone else, so what would have been the point in going?

We stocked up on as much food and water as we could get our hands on, even dehydrating food that we'd been growing in our garden. Anything that could give us a little longer with our kids.   

Thousands of families in our state of California had already committed suicide, so they didn’t have to watch each other suffer. Some did it to give the rest of us some more time. Especially the older generation, the grandmothers and grandfathers. They took their own lives, so there was more food and water supplies for their children and grandchildren. It was truly heartbreaking, knowing that my husband’s parents had done the same for our kids and us. James and I had already started rationing ourselves, so our kids had enough food. We understood why the older population and his parents were sacrificing themselves for the ones they loved.  

All conflicts around the world had finally ceased, even the conflicts over religious reasons. Many believed that the end of the world was our punishment for all the wrongs we’d done.

 Instead, everyone still surviving was helping each other. There was no point in fighting over a dead planet where money and power were now meaningless. It had taken our world to start dying for us to finally gain world peace. However, it didn’t make us feel any better. 

Everyone was doing the same thing as us; preparing to die. We just didn’t know how we were going to die. Diseases were spreading like wildfire. The poorest countries were losing millions of people every day because their food and water supplies were running out so quickly.  
Either way, my husband James and I agreed that our deaths were likely to be slow and painful if we didn’t take control. We’d already discussed ending it all as a family before that could happen. We had enough means in our house to enable all of us to fall asleep and never wake up.

There was no way that we were going to let our kids suffer slow, painful deaths. 

It was beginning to become very real for our kids too. Especially when they were outside finding dead birds and small animals in our garden, such as hummingbirds, mice and many others. At first, they were so upset finding the dead animals who were lying motionless on the ground. Tears streamed down their little faces, but after a while, the tears stopped, and they no longer showed us what they'd found. Instead, they either collected DNA samples to send off to the labs or buried what they discovered. We had many little graves dug in our backyard.  


Once our rivers and streams began to be undrinkable, we all knew it was the end for all of us. We’d already used all our savings, at the beginning when things had started to get serious, to stock up on as much food and water as we could get our hands on when the shops were still open. Thank goodness James made us act quickly. It was as if he’d sensed that things were serious right away. 

We stored all our supplies in the kids’ bedrooms and our dining room, opting to all share the same bedroom. I suppose we were trying to make the most of being so close together and wanting to keep the kids safe.

When we saw the news updates about the insects dropping dead all over the planet, we knew that what little food was still growing would be the last. With no more insects, the plants wouldn’t be able to reproduce, and our lead scientists around the world had all agreed that there was nothing more that could be done to stop it.   

We no longer had any proper programs on our televisions or radios. Only news updates from our governments and world leaders. With the insects now dying, we had to explain to our kids that this was going to affect what little food supplies our countries had left. Even our children seemed to grasp how horrific the situation was. My heart was breaking in my chest at their facial expressions. The looks of sheer fear and the color draining from their faces; their eyes wide with shock. 

The last updates from our governments were letting us know that an ice age was coming. So, even if we didn’t starve to death or die of diseases, we were all going to freeze to death. Nothing we could do could save us from the freezing temperatures or the amount of ice and snow that was going to hit the whole planet. 

I didn’t remember any of this, when I woke up, however ........ 


It was so bright when I tried to open my eyes. My eyes hurt from the light as they tried to focus. My vision was blurry, and my eyes stung and started to water. Both of my arms felt heavy and weak as if they hadn't been used in a while. When I tried to lift them to rub my sensitive eyes, I felt a tug on my right arm as I raised it, making me stop. I laid my arms back down, deciding to give myself a moment to focus my thoughts and let my eyes adjust.

I didn’t know where on Earth I was, and as I laid flat, I realized that I didn’t know anything! Who I was, where I was or why I was laying down. What was also very strange was that I felt no panic. In fact, I felt very relaxed, even woozy. I didn’t like the woozy feeling at all, but I didn’t feel in any danger.

Gradually, my eyes began to focus, and as I lifted my head to the side, I saw beds in a long row next to me; all occupied. The room was obviously massive because I couldn’t see a wall at the end of the rows of beds. I assumed I was looking at people in the same situation that I was in, ‘We must all be sick,’ I thought to myself. The woman in the bed next to me looked so peaceful; she didn’t look like she was suffering or was sick in any way. ‘This place does feel like a hospital.’

Everything looked so bright and clean, and I wasn’t sure if I was seeing things, but the white ceiling and the floor both looked as if they were shimmering, ‘Maybe it’s my eyes still adjusting to the light?’

The woman next to me was young, and she looked like she was in her early twenties, with a beautiful pale face and rich, dark chocolate brown hair. She was slender in her body shape, and she was obviously pregnant. I could see a definite small baby bump, covered by the white gown she was wearing, and a silvery, shiny sheet that covered her from just below her breasts to her feet.  

The young woman was hooked up to what I assumed were monitoring machines, but they weren’t like anything I’d seen before. It all looked a lot more advanced than what I thought they should look like. ‘Have I been in a hospital before?’ I didn’t know, but I could hear a repetitive small bleep sound, which I thought must be the woman’s heartbeat or maybe the babies. The bleeping was soft and rhythmic. 

As I took in all the visual information, my senses and body sensitivity seemed to be returning, and I realized that I didn’t feel woozy anymore.  When I looked down at myself, I saw that I was in the exact same situation as the woman next to me. 

I was on a hospital bed with an IV looking thing in my right arm, hooked up to my own machines. No wonder I’d felt the tug on my arm; I was lucky not to have pulled it out. I was wearing the same kind of white gown which felt like silk against my skin, and I was covered with a thin silvery sheet. 

What shocked me the most was the fact that I seemed to have a baby bump as well, with no memory of ever getting pregnant or how I ended up there whatsoever. I was stunned when I looked down at my swollen abdomen. Lifting up my arm, I reached up and touched it, ‘Yes it was real, and yes, it was a definite baby bump.’ By the size of the bump, I was around four months pregnant, but I wasn’t sure how I’d even know that. 

I laid my head back down on the bed feeling totally stunned, trying to register this new development when abruptly a sharp stabbing pain racked through my stomach, taking my breath away. ‘Is this why I woke up?’  The machines next to my bed started to make an alarming noise, making me jump. 

I lifted my upper body and curling into a ball; my hands gripped my pregnant belly. I looked to the other side of me and saw rows and rows of more pregnant, sleeping woman of all ages. 

As my eyesight sharpened, I took in the images before me. I felt panic rising in my chest, making my heart race. It felt as if it was pounding in my throat. 

The pain started to gradually subside, and I tried to breathe slowly in and out to subdue my panic. When my pulse slowed, and the pain started to ebb away, my ears picked up strange noises. The noises were coming from what I assumed was a corridor, or maybe another room at the opposite side of the long cavernous room I was in. 

I could hear communication between whoever it was. However, it definitely wasn’t human! I can’t even describe to you how it sounded, other than it was like a watery whisper. Even though I could tell they were getting closer as their communication was getting louder, I couldn’t hear any footsteps at all, which was really odd.

I maintained my slow breathing and laid back down on the hospital bed, pulling the thin, silvery sheet back up to the top of my abdomen, where it was positioned before. I didn’t understand what the hell was going on. So, I decided that pretending to be still asleep was probably the best option for now; until I knew more. I left my eyes open the tiniest bit, so they looked closed, but I could just about see who was entering the massive room.  





Chapter 2


There were five of them, and they were beautiful. I couldn’t tell if they were male or female as they weren't wearing any clothing, and they didn't seem to have physical body differences like ours, such as breasts or visible genitalia. They were what I can only describe as angelic looking aliens. 

They glistened a mix of ice white and the most beautiful shade of blue and silver. I could barely make out facial features from the distance as they glided across the room. Two of them made their way in my direction, and I assumed my bed, considering it was my machine that was making the loud noises.

As they approached, I noticed what appeared to be long silvery blue hair, running down their backs to their legs. They both had the most stunning blue eyes. They looked like the eyes on peacock feathers, and they sparkled like polished sapphires. I was in total awe of their beauty, and I literally felt as if I were in the presence of angels. ‘Was I religious?’ I had no idea either way. 

I didn’t know where the other three went in the room, but the two who had reached my bedside were busy checking the futuristic looking machines, pressing buttons and discussing their findings I think. Even up close, I couldn't understand what they were saying; their language was nothing that I recognized. I tried to keep my breathing slow and at the same pace as the other women, keeping up my sleeping pretense.

As I lay there, being as still as humanly possible and watching the angel aliens, I heard another machine beginning to make the same noises as mine had. I wondered if the woman was awake and confused like me, or still sleeping peacefully. 

The two angels at my bedside started to move the machines, and I could hear them un-clip things. Then I could feel their alien hands touching and examining me, but their touch didn’t feel like it should. It was feather light, and their gentle touch sent a feeling of calm throughout my body. Which was perfect timing, because I was beginning to feel another wave of sharp pain in my swollen stomach. However, the moment they touched me, it melted away, and I was so relieved. I don’t think I would have been able to maintain my fake slumber if they hadn’t. 

 I felt so confused, as I didn’t know if I was in early labor and that's why I was getting pain, or if it was something else. My baby bump certainly didn’t look big enough to be full term.

At the foot of my, bed they spoke to each other softly, and I was mesmerized by their sheer beauty and the graceful way they moved. They moved fluidly as if there was no gravity. Suddenly, my bed and the machines started to move on their own. 

The alien angels were gliding in front of my bed with me gliding behind them, but there were no sounds of moving wheels or metal scraping on the floor. ‘Were they using their minds?’ I wasn’t sure, but my bed and my body were now giving off the same shimmering glow of ice white. 

As we left the cavernous room and all the sleeping pregnant women, I picked up on some sounds behind me. ‘Maybe more machinery?’  I wondered if another woman was following us with the other three alien angels. This would make sense after hearing another machine making the same noises as mine.

We entered a corridor, and I was really surprised just how pretty everything was. Not just the angels but even the corridor. Its surface looked so smooth, and it had its own kind of pearlescent sheen of ice white but with a hint of silver and purple. 

It looked like the inside of a shell, mother of pearl or maybe the inside of an ice cave, but the corridor didn't feel cold at all. In fact, the temperature was perfect for me, and I wondered what the walls would feel like to the touch. I felt so at ease too. Which I thought so odd, considering I still didn’t seem to have any memories of who or where I was and why this was all happening. 

While we traveled down the long corridor, I could feel waves of pain coming and going, and every time a wave of pain began, one of the alien angels would touch my hand, making it ebb away. Not only was I extremely grateful not to be suffering, I was also relieved that it gave me the chance to keep pretending I was asleep.

I couldn’t see much as we traveled down the long corridor. I knew we were passing rooms, as I could just make out shadows through my eyelashes in my peripheral vision. A few minutes later, we approached a large decorative archway, and it was stunning. There were beautiful symbols at the top near the edge that I thought I recognized. The symbols were intricate and seemed to glow against the darker background; they looked like Egyptian hieroglyphs. 

We slowly entered the room beyond, and it was even larger than the one we’d just left. It was draped in sheer white shimmering veils, separating sections into cubicles on one side. The alien angels stopped, and my bed came to a gentle halt. One of the aliens glided away while the other did something to the machines next to me. My bed was turned around and reversed gently into one of the white-veiled cubicles. Another bed glided past with another sleeping woman and the other three angels I'd seen earlier. 

The alien angel next to me left, gracefully gliding away to the other woman's bed, clearing what little view I had and then I saw the opposite wall. It was massive and was made of a glistening kind of glass. There, inside the wall, were hundreds of oval capsules, all containing baby animals. 

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing at first; my brain was trying to deny what my eyes were showing me. As I stared at the encapsulated animal fetuses, suddenly the machines next to me made a strange noise. I felt my whole lower body beginning to go numb from my breasts down. The machine was injecting me with something through the IV, and I felt something warm rush through my veins; the pain was disappearing, and it was such a relief.

Moments later, the five aliens all glided out of the room, giving me the chance to look around properly. I turned my head to the left and looked through the sheer veil. There next to me was the other woman whose machine had also been making strange noises. She was still sleeping soundly and looked so utterly peaceful that I actually envied her. She had short black hair with oriental features and dark smooth skin. Her bump was slightly bigger than mine, although not by much from what I could see. 

I looked back to the wall of oval capsules, and I was amazed at the selection of baby animals. There were lion cubs, dolphins, badgers, various fish and so many more. It then struck me that they were all animals; there was not one human fetus among them. They were all floating in the same sparkling fluid, just like the shimmering glow the angels had surrounding their bodies.

The baby animals were inside their amniotic sacs; their umbilical cords and placentas were attached to some sort of organic looking device on the inside of every capsule wall. Each capsule pulsed its shimmer like a constant heartbeat rhythm. 

While I laid on the soft bed processing what I’d seen so far, I tried to move my lower body, but nothing would happen. The only things I could move were my neck, head and arms, and it made me feel so vulnerable. There was no way I could get up and run if I needed too.

The only thing that was stopping my panic was the logic that these alien angels hadn’t hurt me so far, and they seemed to be making sure that I wasn’t suffering. They didn’t give off any negative or evil vibes either. In fact, they seemed to have a gentle and peaceful aura emanating from them whenever they were near.

While thinking about the whole situation and wondering why the animals were here, I heard them communicating as they were making their way back. I steadied my breathing and closed my eyes again, just enough so I could continue to watch them. This time, there were four of them.  Each of the alien angels were covered in a sheer silvery white veil and had gloves on their slender hands. 

Each pair had a large glass capsule between them; just like the capsules in the big glass wall. Both capsules were glowing and were full of the glistening fluid, and inside were the organic devices attached to the sides. Although they appeared to be carrying the capsules, they weren’t actually touching them, and  I assumed that they were using their minds somehow and it was like magic.  

Two of the angels walked towards the sleeping woman in the next cubicle, and the other two came my way. As they approached, it occurred to me again just how much they looked like angels. When the aliens stood and turned at the bottom of my bed, I realized it wasn’t just their long shimmering hair but also delicate silvery, feathered wings down their backs too. Somehow, that made me feel even calmer. 

The capsule was left hovering in midair at the foot of the bed, glowing and sparkling gently. Then the two angels moved to either side of me, lifting the top of my bed up a few inches, and I wondered if the same thing was happening to the other woman. I didn’t like the feeling of going through this alone, even if she was still sleeping. I felt the angels pulling down the thin silvery sheet that was covering my lower body, and the gown I was wearing being rolled up to the bottom of my breasts. 

The angel on my right hovered its hand over my pregnant stomach, and as soon as it started to move its hand, my skin started to glisten and glow a silvery white. The angel was so close to me that I could see definite human-like facial features, which looked soft and female. Her peacock eyes were such deep colors you could get lost in them. There was a marking on her chest that began at her neck, almost like a necklace. It ran down between where breasts would be and along the necklace line with what looked like tiny sparkling diamonds along her markings. She was beautiful.

The other angel ran its hands about an inch distance over the capsule, making it shimmer and pulse the same silvery white as my stomach. When it finished, it glided to the left of me, and I noticed that it also had human-like features. 

Its features were more masculine looking, even with the silvery blue shimmering hair. It was definitely a male with a face that had sharper angles, and he was slightly thicker set than the female. There were no necklace type marks on his chest area, but he did have beautiful markings around each wrist. There were two thin, dark silver bands on each of his wrists with symbols similar to those I’d already seen on the archway entrance, in between the bands.

When both angels were either side of me, they both hovered their hands over my pregnant stomach, making the silvery white light grow brighter. At first, I wasn’t sure what I was seeing; it still felt as if my eyes were trying to focus. 

Moments later, the scene before me sharpened, and as they raised their hands, something slippery and shiny began to appear between them. It was slowly rising out of my stomach. At first, I could see some sort of membrane, then fluid, and as it carried on rising, I could see faint stripes and what looked like dark wet fur inside. 

My mind was screaming, ‘What the hell, I was pregnant with a bloody Tiger cub!’  I didn’t know what to make of it, and my instincts were screaming at me to get up and run as fast and as far away as possible. My logic, however, was telling me, ‘You can’t run stupid, your body is numb!’ I continued to watch with a sick fascination, my eyes glued to the unbelievable scene before me.   

The only thing that stopped me screaming aloud was the fact that my stomach wasn’t being cut open like a caesarian section. There wasn’t a drop of blood, plus I still didn’t feel any pain. The small tiger cub was passing through my skin as the light pulsed and flowed. It was contained inside the amniotic sack with the umbilical cord still attached to its small soft underbelly. It looked so peaceful, curled in a tight ball with its eyes closed, and its shiny, dark striped fur glistened in the amniotic fluid.

The alien angels raised the tiger cub between their hands with precision and ease and moved it to the hovering capsule at the bottom of my bed. Just as it had passed through my stomach into their hands, it now passed through the wall of the glass capsule until it was safely inside. 

The organic device suddenly pulsed with the bright white light, and I watched in amazement as it seemed to draw the end of the umbilical cord and placenta to it. When the placenta and device connected, there was one last pulse of bright light, and the capsule began to gently pulse rhythmically, just like the others across the room inside the wall.  

I looked down at my now empty stomach and watched the silvery white glow emanating from my stomach begin to gradually fade. There wasn’t any scar on my stomach at all from what I could see, and I felt an immense relief. I did notice faint pale stretch marks, however, which confused me, as my pregnancy bump hadn’t been that big. ‘Had I been pregnant before? Had I carried other animals in my belly?’ I wondered.

I still wasn’t feeling any pain, and I could sense the subtle feeling coming back to my body. My feet and legs were beginning to tingle; the feeling gradually moving upwards. The female alien angel lowered her hands and then she turned her head and looked right at me. The kindness in her sparkling sapphire blue eyes went straight to my heart. I felt loved, and I couldn’t explain the feeling, but I did indeed feel loved. Her eyes flowed with compassion, and as she looked at me, I wondered if she knew I wasn’t asleep. 

As she moved towards me, the male alien angel glided towards the exit with the encapsulated small tiger cub hovering between his hands. The female alien gently rolled down the white gown, covering my body with her power, and then she slid the thin silvery sheet back up to the top of my waist. 

Moving her way to the end of my bed, I watched her as she raised a hand to her throat. When she touched her throat, the silvery white glow appeared and then she smiled at me again.  

“My name is Zanika,” she said slowly, her voice almost musical and very soft. “I know you are awake young one; you can open your eyes now.” 

As my eyes opened, they connected with hers, and again I felt love and peace coming from her straight to my heart. I weirdly felt no fear or anxiety, just totally calm.

“What is your name young one?” she asked.

“I don’t know my name,”  I told her in a strained whisper.

“Do not worry young one; memory loss is common when you have been asleep for a long time.”

‘A Long time?’ My mind screamed! 

“How long have I been asleep for?” I asked. 

She looked at me with kindness shining through her blue peacock eyes. 

“I believe five of your earth years,” she gently stated, “You have given your Earth six animals back; you should feel very proud.” 

My mind was reeling. Not only had I been asleep for five years, but I’d been pregnant with more than one animal. I was totally stunned and stared at her in utter disbelief.

I began to take deep slow breaths, trying not to let the feeling of shock overwhelm me. Zanika must have sensed the feelings of anxiety flowing through my whole body as she suddenly spoke in her calm manner. 

“I will get you something to drink and eat young one. We may talk some more when you have calmed your mind and body,” she said. 

With that, she glided towards the archway where we’d come in. As my emotions calmed with each deep breath I took, I began to try and sit up. There was no discomfort in my stomach at all, which surprised me considering I had basically given birth to a tiger cub. The thought wasn’t quite as disturbing to me as before, and I had to admit, my body felt great. There were no physical signs that would indicate that I’d been asleep for so many years either. 

I used my arms and hands to lift my upper body until I was sitting on the bed, and once completely upright, I swung my legs to the side, so they dangled over the edge. It felt wonderful being upright, and I seemed to have all feeling back in my lower body which felt great. I looked at my bare arms and hands, amazed at how good my skin looked. I ran my hands up and down the upper part of my arms; my skin felt so smooth and soft.

The alien angels obviously took very good care of us, and I felt a great appreciation towards them. Next, I ran my hands down my hair; it was pale blonde, long, thick and felt so soft as it slipped through between my fingers. 

A movement to the side of me made me turn my gaze to the other woman in the next cubicle. She was just giving birth like I had done moments before. I couldn’t look away as the other two alien angels, dressed in their sheer veils and gloves, did the same process to her, as Zanika and her counterpart had done to me. 

They too were hovering their hands over the sleeping woman's pregnant stomach, and as the light glowed bright white, a creature was beginning to appear inside its amniotic sac. It was pure white in color, curled in a tight ball with soft but thin looking fur. It had small round ears which were flush against its head and a tiny black nose. I realized it was a baby Polar bear. 

They transferred the baby Polar bear to the glistening capsule at the end of her bed with precision. As I watched, I realized that with this second birth, I was starting to feel that it was a truly magical scene. The shock of it being animals instead of human babies was really starting to wear off. 

One of the aliens began to exit with the newborn Polar bear in its capsule; the other one covered the sleeping woman’s form with her white gown and thin silvery sheet. I wondered how long she’d been asleep for and how many animals she’d birthed. I also wondered if we’d always birthed the same animals or if they were different each time, considering the number of different species that were inside the glass wall. 

While my mind was going over these thoughts, Zanika entered the room again. Between her hands hovered a black stone tray laden with a drink, fruit and chopped vegetables. Some of which I didn’t recognize, but as I ran my eyes over the selection, my stomach growled loudly which made Zanika smile. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling back. Her beautiful face oozed friendliness, and it felt good to smile.

“Thank you Zanika,” I whispered as I took the tray from her.

I began to eat some of the large green grapes, and they were so delicious. I didn’t think anything else could possibly taste that amazing.

“You have many questions I think,” Zanika stated.

‘I believe that’s the understatement of the year,’ I thought to myself. 

“Where exactly am I?” I asked, between grapes. 

“You are still on earth young one,” she replied softly, “You are on one of our spacecraft. This craft contains our medical units and our main control center. This is where all human females stay, while we heal your Earth and replenish your animal kingdom.”

When she spoke, there wasn’t any hint of judgement, only a soft kindness. Her sapphire blue eyes sparkled as she continued.

“We arrived just as your Earth's water turned to poison. Your people were starving and dying, your animals were dying out, and your Earth was failing,” she said. 

Still, there was no judgement, but as I listened to what she was telling me, I was judging us. I couldn’t believe my ears, ‘How could this happen? Was it even possible?’ Zanika seemed so sincere; she couldn’t be lying. In my heart, I didn’t really think she was capable of lying to me as she came across so pure. 

“Is that why I just gave birth to a tiger cub?” I asked in a shocked whisper. 

“Yes,” she replied, in her musical voice. “There were no healthy animals left that we could breed to replenish your Earth. We have crafts like this one all over your planet. We had no choice but to return and save your Earth.”  

“Have you visited our planet before?” I questioned, my voice sounding a little stronger after sipping the fresh water.

“Yes, we have visited your Earth many times before. It is why your race calls us Angels or Gods and have created images and sculptures of us. We have been visiting your planet for as long as I can remember,” she said.

‘No wonder I thought they looked like angels; they were angels!’ 




Chapter 3



My mind was racing with so many questions and all the information it was trying to process. ‘Angels, wow, Real Angels!’

“I will take you to a room where you may feel more at ease,” she said gently. “Please follow me.” 

Zanika moved away from my bed, allowing me the room to get up. Even though my body felt wonderful, my legs were still a little wobbly when I tried to stand. So, she patiently waited as my legs steadied. I looked up into her beautiful face, and she reached out a hand to me. I lifted my own hand, and as I went to place my hand on hers, I felt her shimmering aura connect with my skin. 

The most amazing feeling traveled up my hand to my arm. It coursed through my body, and it was a feeling of utter peace and calmness. Zanika led the way out of the massive birthing room, through another exit and into another corridor like the one we’d passed through earlier.

There were smaller archways along the corridor, which I assumed were smaller rooms. Every archway had different symbols glowing in the soft light at the top. Every so often, another angel would pass us by, and as they crossed our path, they would slightly nod their head at Zanika and smile at me.

They were just like her, the females and males alike. All of them were emanating peace and calmness. I didn’t feel unsafe or unwelcome in any way, and it was very reassuring. The tension in my body had begun to gradually melt away. Within minutes, Zanika stopped at one of the smaller decorative archways. 

“This will be your room for now, if you would like to enter and make yourself comfortable. I will come back later,” Zanika said.

She swept her hand towards the entrance, inviting me to go inside. Nervously, I entered the room. The light inside was a warm, soft glow, and the room was stunning. Thin silvery veils hung from the ceiling to the tops of the smooth white walls. The room was a circular shape with a round bed underneath a large round window. There was a hint of purple in the silvery bed coverings and the seating area to the right of the room. On the left side of the room was a smaller archway that led to a bathroom with the funkiest toilet, shower and sink I’d ever seen. 

I quickly realized how desperate I was for a hot shower, but first I needed to look outside. After what Zanika had told me, I needed to see the outside world for myself. 

My nervousness grew as I walked over to the large round window. I placed my hands on either side of the window frame and peered out, and I was astonished at what I saw. We appeared to be in seawater, and I couldn’t tell whether we were in the middle of an ocean or on a coastline. As far as my eyes could see, there was choppy dark green and blue sea water.

The sky was cloudy with hues of pinks and reds, so it was either sunset or sunrise, but there was no way I could tell from the view I had. 

In the far distance were what looked like futuristic looking oil rigs, but if the angels were trying to save Earth, I couldn’t imagine them mining for oil. As I strained my eyes to make out the white round rigs, I spotted something moving underneath the rigs and also on one side. It looked like flowing water, but how could water be flowing upwards?

I’d already seen enough to assume that the angels were using the same powers or magic that they’d used to move me in my bed without touching it. ‘This must be what Zanika was talking about when she said they were saving our planet.’ I suddenly felt so tired which was ridiculous. I’d been sleeping for the last five years; so how on earth could I be tired?

Logic made me realize that it was probably the shock of everything that had happened so far. Waking up in confusion and panic, my discovery that angels are actually real and the shock of not only giving birth to a tiger cub but also learning that I’d given birth to other animals too. ‘Yes, I seriously needed a shower and a good sleep!’

It didn’t take me too long to figure out how to work everything in the small bathroom. The toilet, sink and shower all had the beautiful intricate symbols next to them, just like the ones on the archways but a smaller scale. 

As I finished my business on the toilet, I started looking for something to wipe myself. I touched the wall next to me where the symbols were, and a small section opened in the wall. There on a small tray was what I assumed to be a cleaning cloth of some kind. It felt organic to the touch, which didn’t surprise me considering what the angels were here to do. It felt almost like a thin ultra-soft leaf.

After finishing my toilet business, I approached the shower, removing the gown I was wearing, and I draped it over the sink. I lifted my hand to touch the symbols on the wall next to the shower area, and the ceiling sprang to life. Clear water began cascading from holes above in the ceiling. 

The symbols had glowed a bright white at the contact of my skin when I touched them, and I wondered if they had somehow read my body temperature because the water flowing over my body was now perfect.

When I looked around for any kind of soap and shampoo, I realized that my skin was slightly glowing. I cupped my hands to catch the water and lifted my hands to my face to smell it. The scent of the water was fresh and sweet, not like I thought water should smell at all. I splashed the handful of water over my face, and as my hands smoothed over my features, I was truly amazed at how wonderful my skin felt. The shower water was better than a skin cleanser. 

‘The angels really did take this planet-saving mission seriously,’ I thought. Respect was growing in me, and I truly admired the angels and what they were doing. I was desperate for more information about them and about myself. By the time I’d finished in the shower, I was more than ready for sleep. 

Exiting the shower area, I started to scan the bathroom for some kind of towel, but my body appeared to be drying very quickly by itself. It felt so fresh, clean and alive. 

When my feet touched the bathroom floor, another larger opening appeared next to the shower entrance. This time, there was a rolled up garment on the tray, and as I lifted it up, it unrolled into a plain but stunning maxi style dress. Long sleeves hung off thin silver shoulder straps, and I noticed that the dress was going to leave my shoulders bare. It was so soft to the touch that I couldn’t help but run my hands down the material. It was beautiful and a very pale, silvery blue colour, like the sky on a summer's day.

I slipped it over my head, and the material was silky soft against my fresh shimmering skin. When I looked down in admiration, I noticed it had delicate symbols on it, just like the marks on Zanika’s body, as if they were indicating that I was also female. 

Walking back to the strangely shaped sink, I tried to figure out how I was going to clean my teeth and brush my hair. It was then that I spotted some smaller symbols just above the sink. I touched one, and water sprinkled from small holes under the symbol. I touched another, and a small tray slid out of the wall above the symbols with a small dish inside. The dish had a pale green pressed powder inside, with a slight hint of mint and something else that I didn’t recognize when I lifted it up to smell it. 

Next to the dish was something that looked like the finger of a latex glove. When I looked closer, I saw that it had tiny bristles all around the end. I took the weird glove thing and slipped it over my finger. It didn’t feel like latex at all, and I just did what my instinct was telling me. I put my covered finger under the water for a second and then dipped it into the pressed powder. ‘Here goes nothing,’ I thought to myself as I began to brush my teeth. The powder began to foam in my mouth instantly as I brushed, and it felt marvelous. The powder appeared to be toothpaste and mouthwash all in one. I could feel the foam getting everywhere inside my mouth, and when I’d finished, my teeth felt amazingly clean. 

After I placed everything back on the tray, I looked around for a hairbrush or comb, subconsciously running a hand down my long hair. I instantly realized that I didn’t actually need one. My hair was so soft and tangle free already, ‘Damn, that water is amazing,’ I thought, smiling to myself.

I made my way to the circular bed and laid down on top of the sheets, my mind actively going over everything I’d seen and done so far. My eyes felt so heavy, and it wasn’t long before sleep took me. 

My dreams were like memory flashbacks with images of floating, rotten whale carcasses in the sea and a grass lawn scattered with dead birds and butterflies as if they’d dropped from the sky.

Then faces started appearing of a man and some children. The man was handsome and rugged; the young children were angelic with pale blue and green eyes. 

As their faces appeared, my heart ached; it throbbed so hard in my chest that I awoke with a start. Sitting up on the bed, my mind reeled from the vivid dreams. ‘Were my memories trying to reach the surface? Who were the man and children to me?’ My heart ached again in my chest, and I felt like I should know them. 

I felt instinctively protective towards them as if they were family like they were mine. While I attempted to collect myself and get control of my emotions and thoughts, Zanika appeared at the entrance to my room. 

Seeing her standing under the archway, I was again reminded of how beautiful she was. However, she wasn’t alone this time. The male angel who’d helped her deliver my tiger cub was standing next to her, with the same expression of love and compassion. He really was just as stunning as Zanika. 

They began to approach me, and as they glided in my direction, the male angel touched his hand to his throat. The white glow shone at his throat just like it did for Zanika, and I understood immediately that he wanted to talk with me too. Sliding myself to the edge of the bed, I stood to greet them. Zanika was starting to feel like a friend already, and I wanted to show them my respect and admiration. 

The male angel was the first to speak, and although his voice was soft and musical like Zanika’s, it had a definite muscular tone to it. 
“Welcome young one. I am Harrik; you look well rested, may we talk a while with you?” he asked. 

“Sure,” I replied.

I was desperate for more information, and it looked like it was my chance. 

Zanika raised her arm and pointed to the seating area. There were four soft looking chairs arranged in a semicircle around a small low table. 
“Let us sit and talk while we await our meal,” she said.


Harrik led the way to the chairs, gliding gently in front of Zanika and myself. He really was very masculine once my eyes and brain accepted what I was seeing. We all sat down in the soft chairs Zanika and Harrik looked very relaxed and composed as they looked and smiled at me. I felt like I should say something before it began to feel awkward.

“Thank you for taking care of me and making sure I wasn’t in any pain,” I told them both, with total sincerity and gratitude. 

Harrik smiled kindly at me while Zanika reached out to touch my hand. 

“You are welcome young one; we do not want to hurt anyone,” she said softly. 

“Do you have many questions to ask us?” Harrik inquired. 

“Yes I do,” I replied. 

My voice sounded stronger now,  no longer the strained whisper it was before. 

“Firstly, where did you get me from?” I asked them both. 

I had so many questions, but I knew I’d have to be patient.

“Our searchers found you, but I do not know the exact location. We were trying to find as many survivors as possible, and you were the first human we found,” she said. “If there were any other humans with you, then the women would have been taken to a structure like this one,” she explained, raising her arms for emphasis. “If there were any children or male survivors, they would have been taken to one of our healing crafts, she added.

Harrik seemed to sense the despair emanating from my whole body. He gently touched my arm, and calmness flowed through me from my head to my toes. 

“I am sorry we cannot give you more information young one,” he said with so much feeling that I actually felt bad for him.

“There were so many humans dead already. We had to act fast, to save as many of you as we could. We also had to try and save as many of your Earths animals as possible too. So, we could not take time to record every detail as it would have slowed us down greatly,” Harrik explained.

What they were both telling me made perfect sense. I thought to myself that if I'd been in their shoes so to speak, I would have acted the same way. 

“Why do you call me young one?” I asked. 

They both smiled at me with affection. Harrik’s hand was still touching mine, and I think he left it there as a comforting gesture. He squeezed it gently as he explained. 

“We are what you humans call ancient,” he explained. “We have lived as a race for more of your Earth years than we can remember. To us, anyone who is not of our race is young,” he added.

I must have had a funny look of amazement on my face because as they continued, they both had what looked like humor dancing in their blue sapphire eyes.

 “We also cannot die,” Zanika said, “our bodies start to heal instantly if we are injured. We are healers of worlds, young one.  We have saved many planets since we came to be,” she explained.

I was in awe of them, these angels who spent their lives saving planets, races and their wildlife! It suddenly dawned on me why they were loved, adored and worshiped by so many of us humans. 

“Why have you visited our planet so many times and spoken to people here?” I asked, while images of angel pictures suddenly popped into my head.

I began mentally ticking off the questions they were answering. Zanika and Harrik then explained to me that Earth had had a number of mass extinction events. The Cretaceous era was the most recent event before now, and there had been four mass extinctions before that. 

They hadn’t been able to save the dinosaurs because the event had happened so fast. They were, however, able to save some sea creatures, insects and other creatures, enabling Earth to heal and recover. They’d kept returning to monitor our planet, and once humans evolved, they knew that they would have to be vigilant because of our natural desire to learn, develop and spread ourselves across the land. Which they understood could impact our Earth and everything on it.

They had appeared to some of us by accident, but when that happened, they'd spoken with the humans, so they weren’t scared. However, most of their encounters were intentional.

They explained that they had built relationships with many of our ancient ancestors, such as the Mayans and Egyptians. Civilizations who were willing to live in harmony with each other and, more importantly, nature. The angels had shared their knowledge of natural healing, farming and showed them how to read the stars.

I totally understood why they were worshiped by so many as they were pure souls only wanting to do good. 

“Would you like a name young one?” Harrik asked. 

I was very pleased he’d asked, as I wasn’t too keen on being called "Young one" all the time. 

“Yes please, I would like that,” I replied. 

Zanika and Harrik looked into each other’s eyes as if they were communicating with each other with their minds. There were no head or body movements at all, but as I watched them stare at each other, the blue in their eyes started to sparkle with silver. Then the silver sparkle began to spiral, making their eyes look like sapphire blue whirlpools. After a few moments, they broke their eye contact, and both turned to face me again. 

“We think Elita would be a good name for you until your memories return. It means chosen one, in one of your Earth’s languages,” Zanika stated. 

“Thank you,” I said.

I meant it; it seemed like a beautiful name, and as I said it in my head, it sounded perfect to me. 

Just then another angel entered the room with a large, black stone tray, hovering between her hands. She was just as beautiful as Zanika and Harrik with the same silvery blue shimmer to her hair and wings.

“This is Hulaz,” Harrik stated.

He looked up at Hulaz with such adoration that I wondered if they were together. Hulaz smiled lovingly at Harrik too and placed the tray on the small table in front of us. She turned her gaze to me and touched her throat, making it glow. 

“It is a pleasure to meet you, young one,” she said kindly. 

“The young one's new name is Elita,” Harrik told her. 

Hulaz turned to look at me. 

“It is a good name for you,” she said.

Her eyes sparkled as she smiled warmly. 

We all thanked Hulaz for the tray of food and she bid us farewell, and dipping her head in respect, she gracefully left the room. 

The stone tray was laden with exotic fruits, vegetables and white cups which looked as if they were made of shell. Inside was a delicious smelling fruit juice; my mouth watered just at the sight. I wondered if the angels were vegetarians or whether they weren’t eating meat due to our animals dying. ‘Maybe I would find out later.’ 


We ate our meal which included carrots, mango, various salad leaves and many other foods I didn’t recognize but still tried. I asked lots of questions, and just as I was asking one question, another would pop into my head. Zanika and Harrik were so patient with me, and they answered every single one.

They explained that they’d never been told to save planets, but they all knew it was their purpose in the universe. They had many gifts emanating from an inner power within their bodies. It was how they were able to move things with their minds and how they could understand and speak any language at will. They could also use that power to calm someone or remove their pain.

I was fascinated by these amazing angels. I could feel my admiration and respect growing with every word they said. As we finished our drinks, I couldn’t help asking them some more questions. 

“What's your plan, and what are those rig looking structures that I saw out of the window?” I asked.

“Come,” they said together as they stood from their chairs. 

“We will show you what we are doing right now and what our plan is for your Earth,” Zanika said excitedly. 

She was obviously pleased to be able to show me. 

They began to move towards the archway entrance, so I got up to follow them. The floor felt warm on the bottom of my feet as I walked after them. The thought of them not giving me shoes tickled me, ‘Why would they think of shoes; they don’t even wear clothes!’

We entered the corridor, turned right and walked for about five minutes.  Well, I walked; Zanika and Harrik glided gracefully. We passed numerous decorative archways which I assumed were other rooms, maybe like mine. Each archway had different symbols on them; all were beautifully ornate and glowing against the frames of the arches. I wished I could read what the symbols said.

Two other angels passed us as we traveled to wherever we were going; they were just like my two chaperones apart from their hair. Their hair was just as long as Harrik's, Zanika's and Hulaz', but these angels had a green shimmer to their long hair. They were both males I guessed as their forms were thicker set like Harrik's. As they passed us, they dipped their heads slightly at the three of us. I wondered what their jobs were. ‘Were they medical like Zanika and Harrik or did they work on the rig structures?’ I guessed I would eventually find out.

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